22 April 2015 – SeaSafe have just added their 50th life jacket servicing centre, meaning that most parts

Life Jacket Service Points

Life Jacket Service Points

of the UK now have one within easy reach. The majority of these ‘Service Points’ are marinas but other organisations have joined the network too including sailing clubs and chandleries.

Whether you have one, two or ten lifejackets that need servicing, SeaSafe have made it really easy – you just drop them into one of the Service Points and SeaSafe arrange collection (using DHL). There are no delivery charges unless they are returned to a non Service Point address. Once received and inspected, SeaSafe contact the lifejacket owner to explain what work needs doing and the cost, with servicing starting at just £9.95.

Jeremy Dale, Managing Director of SeaSafe, comments, “Superficially a lifejacket can look fine and appear in good condition but it could be hiding all kinds of defects. We have had lifejackets back here with heavily corroded CO2 gas bottles, loose or detached gas bottles, lungs that are damaged with rips, tears and holes, used and never re-armed lifejackets, operating mechanisms with missing parts and many other critical problems. It’s why we set up our ‘rogues gallery’ of images on our website showing the appalling condition some lifejackets are in when they come back to us for servicing.”

The key thing to remember is that a lifejacket is only that if it works, and if it’s never been serviced or not regularly serviced then it really isn’t worth taking a chance – better to be safe and not sorry. Our growing nationwide network of lifejacket servicing makes it easy to get the servicing done but even if there isn’t a Service Point nearby we can deal direct, arranging collection and return at a location of the customer’s choice, even their home.

To locate your nearest Lifejacket Service Point visit: www.seasafe.co.uk where you can also see the ‘rogues gallery’ of lifejackets.