In 2016 SeaSafe, the Cowes based sea safety clothing and equipment manufacturer, reaches a significant milestone – 50 years since the company was founded having invented the first ever ‘combination’ coat – the foul weather coat with an integrated, hidden lifejacket now worn by professional mariners the world over. And a major new product launch is imminent as early in 2016 SeaSafe introduce a brand new range of combination coats, jackets and gilets aimed at leisure and recreational sailors incorporating the same tried and tested technology.

Sea Trekker Navigator from SeaSafe

Sea Trekker Navigator from SeaSafe

What if you could have a foul weather coat that is a lifejacket? It is this concept that has made SeaSafe Systems, the Cowes based sea safety clothing and equipment manufacturer, well known. And it’s not something they dreamt up yesterday – far from it as they made their first coat with an integrated, concealed lifejacket in 1966. And that means in 2016 SeaSafe reach a very significant milestone; their 50th anniversary and 50 years since they invented the first ever all-in-one foul weather coat with integrated lifejacket – the coat that, when immersed, becomes a lifejacket in less than 5 seconds.

Nowadays SeaSafe combination coats are worn by more harbour pilots and harbour masters worldwide than any other type of coat or jacket. And the main reason it’s become their first choice is that they don’t have to worry about also remembering to put on a lifejacket because their combination coat is a lifejacket – by wearing their SeaSafe coat their lifejacket is ‘always on’.

And 2016 will herald a major new product launch as SeaSafe introduce ‘Navigator’, a brand new range of foul weather clothing all featuring hidden lifejackets. Now leisure and recreational sailors will be able to benefit from the same pioneering technology that has been keeping professional mariners safe for 50 years.

SeaSafe say that full details of the new Navigator range, which will comprise coats, jackets and a gilet, all with styling and colour-ways designed to appeal to boat owners and enthusiasts, will be available soon. One thing is for certain, manufacturing won’t be outsourced to a Far East factory; the new range, as with all SeaSafe clothing, will be made at their factory on the Isle of Wight.

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