LiveSaver is the recently introduced MOB device invented by experienced RYA instructor Duncan Wells. Impressed with its simplicity and ease of use, SeaSafe have now made it a standard optional extra on their entire range of I-Zip & Pro-Zip lifejackets.

LiveSaver MOB device

LiveSaver is the recently introduced MOB device

LiveSaver comprises a 3 metre length of 3mm neon coated Dyneema (HMPE rope) spliced into a loop with a triangle in one end. Immensely strong, the Dyneema is capable of lifting 1.5 tons. One end is attached to the lifting becket in the lifejacket with a strap hitch knot; the other is designed to float free when the jacket inflates. This makes it much easier for the on board rescuer to grab the LiveSaver with a boathook. They can then secure the in-water casualty to the boat while setting up their retrieval rig. Importantly, LiveSaver is the very first device of this kind to be tested and certified by Fleetwood Test House for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) against drowning under the PPE Directive.

Commenting on LiveSaver Jeremy Dale, SeaSafe’s managing director, said, “Anyone that has ever tried getting a man overboard casualty attached to the boat to lift them out will know how difficult this can be especially with a two person crew; the short webbing lifting becket being very difficult to catch with a boathook. As LiveSaver floats free when the jacket inflates its triangular end provides the rescuer with a much easier target for the boathook, as well as the ability to attach the victim to the boat whilst setting up the retrieval system; simple yet highly effective.”

For more information about LiveSaver, including a video of how it works, visit the SeaSafe website at: