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I was boarding a vessel in harbour when ship’s gangway gave way & I ended up in water. First time I have inadvertently been in the water after 38 years at sea. When I realised the “gear” was “doing it’s job” I received a tremendous confidence boost. The jacket kept me warm, kept my head well above the water & as I say gave me a sense of confidence. All associated fittings (light, whistle etc) did what they were supposed to do. Additionally I was not hindered in any manner when I used a quayside escape ladder to get out of the water.

Captain  Alan Leech  – 2018

SeaSafe; an invaluable addition to my work safety. One scary moment, then BANG the coat was inflated. Still was not a good place to be but I am alive, recovered and now back at work. 


Good morning Keith

All coats were received on last friday and in everything was in good order. I would like to take this opportunity on the behalf of Malta Maritime Pilots to congratulate you and also to your sea safe team for the nice, smart looking jackets and for the professional job that was carried out for malta maritime pilots. Also everyone down here were impressed with the high class quality embroidery that was carried out for our logo.

Well done and thanks


Pilot Graham Wood,  AHM/Pilot/Marine,  ABP Barrow:

“I am due to retire in July so somebody else will be doing it next year. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service over the past several years. Might possibly have a couple of new coat orders in the near future, if so I (?) will be in touch. As a pilot, I have been using SeaSafe coats since 1977 and have found it to be an excellent product. Good luck for the future.”

Retired river Pilot Paul Dunn (fullnews):

“I must be the only river or harbour pilot that has started and ended their careers by falling off the side of a ship… On each of these life threatening incidents I was wearing my SeaSafe coat and both times it worked brilliantly, inflating instantly, giving vital buoyancy and aiding recovery.”

Captain John Curry, author of the book “East A Half South” is a retired Pilot and has worked closely with lifeboats: 

“SeaSafe coats have meant so much to me, and of course have been so much an essential part of my life. Many Thanks for them!!”

Heather Douglas, Port of Ramsgate:

“I would like to pass on that all our lads love their new jackets and trousers, they all look very smart I must say.”

From Lieutenant Commander Tim Thorley, featured in the RNSA Journal:

A great photo and Twitter comment from @SolentCrew, the Cowes crewing website Crew in Cowes: