Blue Soup’s lead product set is the ‘UP Vest’ – a water sports safety device that is revolutionising safety on the water for any level of participant, be it an international surfer to a fitness enthusiast.

Worn like a top the vest doesn’t hinder the user while enjoying their sport but should the need arise then a simple pull on one of the inflation tabs activates a CO2 canister and the vest will inflate instantly to get the wearer to the surface in seconds.

Therefore safety is the most important thing on our minds and in conjunction with our manufacturing partner SeaSafe Systems (who have been designing and manufacturing life vests in the United Kingdom for over 50 years) we feel that we have developed the most effective inflation system available today for a water safety product.

Over a period of 3 years ourselves and SeaSafe have worked together constantly developing existing and new products to add to our range and creating bespoke lungs for the Up Vests that ensure that it will lift you rapidly to the surface in a head back and above the water position.

The Up Vest is made from a light weight material that has a 4 way stretch capability and is light enough to be worn on its own and is flexible enough to be worn over a wetsuit or impact vest, with the added advantage of the ability to print any design and colour so perfect for team vests and corporate brands – just some brands we provide Up Vests to are Red Bull, Oxbox, McNamara and Yuki.

This crucial element along with the UP vest is that it is 100% produced in the United Kingdom so we at Blue Soup can keep complete track on our manufacturing process and product testing and ensure you have the best standards adhered to.

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