“Exotogg® Inflatable Bodywarmer

Beat the cold with Exotogg, a genuine innovation in comfort and warmth. Using only breath, it insulates 10% better than feather down, and even works when wet. Extremely comfortable in use, and surprisingly compact and lightweight (260g) when stowed, the Exotogg is your reliable adventure partner.

When the weather turns against you, simply pull out the Exotogg and slip it over your head – over your base layer, under your outer shell/jacket. With no added air, it is simply a windproof layer. But add 4 breaths and it turns into a highly insulating layer, that maintains your core temperature and comfort.

Adjust the amount of air with the one-way valve (press in the valve top to deflate) to always maintain a comfortable temperature. Versatility was a key design criterion; when not being worn, it is robust enough to be used as a sleeping pad, pillow, trail seat, bike seat comforter, floatation aid, camera protector, etc.

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Exotogg is an ExtremophileGear Limited product. ExtremophileGear is administered in London, has designers working in Cambridge, and customers around the World.