An important part of looking after our commercial customers has always been our repair and maintenance service, the lifespan of a SeaSafe product is second to none and we are immensely proud of the length of service you can get from one of our coats.

Whether it’s one of our own all-in-one foul weather coats with an integrated lifejacket, lifejackets (our own or from a different manufacturer) or even a life-raft, if you need it serviced or repaired we will be pleased to help and quote a competitive price.

Blue Box Service Scheme

To make things really easy why not take advantage of our Blue Box Service? You can keep one or more of our blue boxes and when your safety gear needs servicing or repair work carried out (including re-arm and re-packing / replacing used CO² cylinders) all you need do is contact us and we will arrange collection.

Simply leave in the blue box any instructions on what needs doing – we will undertake the work with the minimum of delay and return everything back to you in the blue box via a courier.

N.B. If you are shipping your lifejacket(s) to us for servicing, DO NOT use Royal Mail unless you have removed the CO2 bottle(s) from inside the lifejacket or coat. Alternatively  use a courier that allows safe transport of lifejackets with co2 bottles installed. Please check with the courier. Transporting lifejackets are not classed as hazardous providing this disclaimer is used – “LifeJacket Not Restricted as per IATA PI955 or ADR SP296” written clearly on the outside of the box. We also offer a door to door collection service, please use the online booking form – Click Here

Simple, effective and efficient

Please do not hesitate to give us a call for advice + 44 (0)1983 282388