SeaSafe “No-Hassle” Lifejacket Servicing Drop-Off Points around the UK.

We have compiled our Drop-Off Point locations on the map below, please click on your area to find a Drop-Off Point near to you. New places are being added all the time. 

Check back or Contact Us if you cannot find one local to you. Please click on the interactive map below in your area for a list of Drop-Off Points.

SeaSafe “No-Hassle”  Lifejacket Servicing Drop-Off Points

Here’s how it works: 

  • Pick up a leaflet from the Marina Office or download your form by clicking here.
  • Fill in your details on the reverse and take it together with your lifejacket(s) to the Marina Staff.
  • The Service Point will provide you with a receipt and arrange for collection by SeaSafe.
  • You will be contacted directly by SeaSafe staff on our normal telephone number when your lifejacket(s) are 
    serviced, who will arrange payment over the telephone.
  • Your lifejacket(s) will be returned to the Service Point on completion.
  • All types of lifejackets can be serviced.
  • Service and certification from £12.95 inc VAT.
  • Your lifejackets will be returned to the Service Point on completion

Please ensure that any special requests, time frames, etc. are clearly stated on a separate piece of paper and included together with the form inside the lifejacket(s) bag.

 Annual life jacket servicing is vital, find out why here.

We are adding new service point locations all the time, contact us if your business is interested in joining the service point scheme.