Life jackets vs SeaSafe coats

Lifejackets vs SeaSafe coats – A lot of people ask us what is the difference between wearing one of SeaSafe’s Build a Coat (integrated foul weather coats with built in life jacket) and wearing a Life jacket.

A “normal” life jacket (pictured) is worn on top of your normal clothing in much the same way as you wear a waistcoat. You cannot cover it with anything like a scarf or waterproof.

A SeaSafe Build a Coat can be worn as a coat at all times and will keep you warm, dry and safe without having to think twice about wearing a life jacket. They are particularly useful, worn by a majority of UK port and harbour pilots as well as recreational sailors. We are proud of the unique design and they are very successful worldwide. If you always wear a coat or jacket whilst at sea then consider one of our integrated systems to keep you safe.

We make fully customised, bespoke SeaSafe coats and life jackets so if it is a British-made, customised product you are after, there is bound to be one that fits your lifestyle.

Our coats and jackets are made to order in our factory in Cowes so you can specify your requirements; from internal smartphone and iPad pockets to external gadget clips and build-on torches, it is up to you. You can even pop in and visit us in the factory to see the fabrics on the rolls, make your selections and try on a variety of sizes and styles to help you make your decision. Much like buying a tailored suit!

Lifejackets vs SeaSafe coats – if this is all too much and you just want to buy a standard, off-the-peg product, you can do that too. Please see our website for all of our products available from SeaSafe Systems.