Re-arm my SeaSafe LifeJacket first you will need to purchase the correct Re-Arming Kit.

Depending on your make and model of life jacket, these contain:

  • 1 x CO2 Gas Bottle / Cylinder
  • 1 x Automatic / Manual Clip
  • 1 x Automatic firing cap (If applicable)

Please remember these components need to be specific to each life jacket make and model.


  • Check what size cylinder you require; 18g, 24g, 28g, 33g. 38g, 60g etc.
  • Is your jacket Manual or Automatic?
  • Do you need all new components?
  • Is the mechanism and components clean and free of dirt, oil, salt and rust?
  • Is the bottle screwed in hand tight?
  • Is the clip broken or missing?
  • Is the Automatic firing cap screwed in hand tight?
  • Is the Manual Pull Cord damaged?
  • Is the Manual Pull Cord free and easy to grab?

Contact us for more detailed advice, we are always happy to help over the phone +44 (0)1983-282388

To Re-arm my SeaSafe LifeJacket please be careful unless you have good knowledgable about life jackets, we recommend that you send your life jacket to us to be re-armed and re-packed. We service a huge amount of life jackets each year and we see a large amount of incorrectly packed or incorrectly ‘loaded’ life jackets which render them useless.

Life Jackets must be serviced annually. If the life jacket has been serviced by SeaSafe in the previous year we will not charge for the Re-Arm and Re-Pack process; We only charge for replacement parts and carriage. If the life jacket has not been recently serviced we will perform a service at our standard charge of £10.79 + VAT.

If you drop your jackets off at a SeaSafe Service Point the carriage is completely free for leisure users! This is the safest, simplest and hassle-free way of re-arming (or servicing) your life jackets.

Visit our “Rogues Gallery” of life jackets in horrendous conditions

These were received by our servicing department in some of the worst conditions we have seen, scarily this is a common occurrence, and we see life jackets on a daily basis which have not been properly looked after, this is why we are so enthusiastically promoting our service points as such a valuable and important service.