The I Zip is SeaSafe’s new Life Jacket which launched in 2011.

It allows the wearer to interchange the front covers to suit your own individual style; whether you choose a pink one, a zebra printed one or even a dark green one to match your wellies or waxed jacket. You can change them to reflect your every whim!

The I Zip is the product range for recreational sailors and water sports enthusiasts; it comes in revolutionary colours and prints which update regularly as with other fashion products, however this fashion product doesn’t just look fantastic, it could save your life!

You can interchange I Zip and Pro Zip covers, we just call the fashionable covers I Zip and the professional covers PRO Zip (they are the same SeaSafe life jacket base but with different fabric cover designs!) 

Left to Right; Plastic, Stainless Steel and Harness with D-Ring Styles of Waist Belt.