Water Rescue Training 40kg MOB Dummy

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Rescue Training Dummy dummy

Water Rescue Training Man-Overboard Dummy

Rescue Training Dummy dummy is rugged, realistic in size and weight distribution with life like handling characteristics.

Recently modified with the help of Greater Manchester Fire Service, the RNLI and the British Navy, these water rescue manikins now perfectly simulate an unconscious casualty in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders above the water.

A further innovation is the introduction of strong plastic strips that run from the shoulder area to the knee joint, these strips allow the dummy to maintain its flexibility in and out of the water but do not allow the manikin to bend in half. This modification facilitates easier rescues using water stretchers.

Construction is similar to the general purpose training dummies, using a weighted inner core, a rugged outer carcass and a protective overall, but instead uses a heavy-duty nylon open mesh (strengthened with a high-density polypropylene webbing) for the outer carcass and closed cell foam which will not absorb water.

Mesh allows the water to flood out of the dummy as it is being recovered also allowing better ventilation when the dummy is hung up to dry.

A strong lifting loop is attached to the rear of the shoulder area to facilitate placing or retrieving the dummy during the training scenario.

A protective overall keep the dummy clean and greatly increases the lifespan of the dummy.

They are produced using polyurethane coated polyester, coloured either in orange (to BS EN 471) for the man-overboard model or black for the search and rescue model.

Overalls are reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing in identified high stress areas. Ends of the arms have open nylon mesh to allow water draining. The overalls are machine washable and replacements are available as spare parts.

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