Inflatable Radar Reflector – Echomax EMA03i


SOLAS approved inflatable radar reflector for liferafts. Reflects to 36m above sea level as required by IMO specification – UK Merchant Shipping notice M.1485 1992, NATO SN 5985 99 380 7258. Halyard or deck mounting possibilities.

Height: 230mm x Width: 305mm – Weight – 413g

  • suitable for operation at a 1.5 metre mounting height.
  • an inflatable device which is supplied un-inflated in a stowage bag.
  • maximum stowage height, when fitted in the emergency pack of an inflatable liferaft, is 36 metres.
  • not been tested for packing into a liferaft container.
  • M.1485 requires that the radar reflector be visually inspected at each liferaft service and subjected to an inflation period of one hour.
  • may need additional inspection carried out in conjunction with each individual liferaft manufacturer, based on the requirements of the relevant Administration.

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Weight 2 kg


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