Ikaros MCA Red Hand Held Flare



ikaros_hand-held4 year dated badge 03APPLICATIONS

For short-range distress signalling on ships, lifeboats and life rafts. Also the best pinpoint signal for pleasure craft.

Just hold the handle, pop open the cap and pull out the ring to activate.


IKAROS handheld flares are designed to give maximum output in a minimum size. The flare compositions are developed from the IKAROS parachute flare, which is known to be the best in the world.

IKAROS handheld flares are approved globally and meet the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg


  • Light intensity: 15,000 cd
  • Burning time: >60s
  • Weight: 235 g
  • Optional 4-year duration ~ MCA




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