Tekrapod is a revolutionary Personal Safety Device, which is compact, seamlessly designed and simple to use and has great aesthetics.

The Tekrapod is designed out of frustration of not having a personal safety device designed by open water swimmers, specifically for open water swimmers. The Tekrapod delivers on the main areas of concern for open water swimmers.

  • Will it interfere with my swimming experience or swim technique?
  • Will it identify my presence in the water to other water users, ie boats, Jet Skis etc?
  • Is it comfortable to wear and seamless to use, even without a wetsuit?
  • Is it Race legal?
  • Is it an effective safety device I will be happy to wear time and time again?

The Tekrapod addresses all of these issues in one ergonomic, durable, aesthetic and seamless unit. The Tekrapod is the first intelligently designed Personal Safety Device for Open Water Swimmers, it offers peace of mind and greatly reduces anxiety during open water swims.

John Hanley, Founder and  MD of Tekrapod explains: “ The Current safety devices available on the market are not designed specifically for Open Water Swimmers who want  a device they can wear and forget. Inflated drag buoys can be  cumbersome and are not typically race legal. Other market devices are badly located on the swimmers body and do not signal the swimmers presence in the water. After years of testing, we finally came to a simple solution. The device remains deflated in a small hydrodynamic pouch located between the shoulder blades, until you need it. This also makes its race legal. Because of its unique location, it can support a powerful strobe light, which notifies other water users of the swimmers presence. The streamlined pouch is made using the latest Laminated Neoprenes and utilizes elastic silicone grippers to ensure the pouch is always comfortable and seamless to wear, so seamless, swimmer’s won’t  notice they are wearing it, even without a wet suit.”

The Tekrapod is neutrally buoyant so it doesn’t interfere with the swimmers body position, or their swim mechanics. Because its located between the shoulder blades in a narrow hydrodynamic pouch, it’s has little or no drag affect and has the sticking power of a limped.

The Internal Bladder inflates at the pull of a cord, the elongated bladder can then be used to wave for attention, to rest on while assistance arrives or given to other water users who might need  help. It is fully reusable by replacing a 16g CO2 cylinder, just like the ones you use for your bike.

According to ? ? Irish national long distance Triathlon Champion and national record holder, “the Tekrapod is a game changer, up until now I was reluctant to use a cumbersome personal safety device,  they constantly remind you of their annoying presence. Now with the Tekrapod, I feel I can wear it and forget it while I get on with training and racing, knowing I always have a backup plan, when  I need it, everyone who swims in open water should wear one, they’re a fantastic piece  of kit”

Tekrapod MD, John Hanley said, “ kickstarter is the perfect platform to launch our new product. It heralds a new era of fund raising and method for  bringing new products to the world’s attention. By Supporting Tekrapod on Kickstarter, anyone can be a part of the team that helps Tekrapod to save lives and ease anxiety”

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About Tekrapod:

Tekrapod is an Irish based startup specializing in bringing new innovative ideas to the sporting world. They are located on the West Coast of Ireland in one of the purest open water swimming locations on the planet, “The Wild Atlantic Way”. The company was founded by John Hanley MSc. As a passionate  Triathlete and Open Water Swimmer, with several Ironman events under his belt, John is determined to make open water swimming an immensely satisfying, anxiety free and safe experience, accessible to everyone.

Tekrapod Ltd

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Lough Gill, Co Sligo
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Tel: +353 86 1733498
Email: info@tekrapod.com

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