Life Jacket Replacement Heads

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UML Automatic Heads

Replacement United Moulders heads for life jackets. The older style Mk5 head is now replaced with the Mk5i autohead.

UML Pro-Sensor Elite Auto Head

Available for o-post or d-post manifolds. This product provides a dramatic improvement on the standard manual MK5. One point of status indication, to confirm that the unit has been automatically or manually activated. The unit also provides the added benefit of detecting if the CO2 cylinder has been pierced, eradicating the possibility of accidentally fitting an empty gas cylinder. Replaces the UML Pro-Sensor Head.

Halkey Roberts Auto Head

The Auto Inflator is designed for use on life vests where automatic (immersion) backup is desirable. UL recognized as a USCG Code 6F component. Meets Cen/ISO12402-7 standards.

Halkey Roberts Alpha Auto Head

The Alpha Auto Inflator is designed for use on life vests where automatic (immersion) backup is desirable.  Improved splash and humidity resistance. UL recognized as a USCG Code 6F component. Meets Cen/ISO12402-7 standards.

Halkey Roberts Manual Head

This Halkey Roberts Manual Head activates on pulling the cord in one clean, hard motion which pierces the CO2 Bottle and releases the gas into the bladder/lung. The 840 series manual inflator is designed for use where manual activation only is desired.  The primary application is for aviation and marine life vests.

Available for both marine applications or non-corrosive environments. All metal components:  stainless steel for the marine environment UL recognized as a USCG Code 6F component. Meets Cen/ISO 12402-7 standards.

Hammar Auto Head

This product is a replacement head for time expired units including base. Once the inflator is activated, it will take about 5 seconds to full inflation. Extreme cold (-30°) can prolong inflation by 1-2 seconds.

The Hammar automatic inflator has a unique hydrostatic valve that works by the pressure difference between the inside of the bladder and the outside. When the inflator is immersed in water by 10 cm, the hydrostatic valve opens and water will have access to a water sensitive element. This in turn releases a stainless steel spring mechanism, which pierces the CO2 cylinder.

Life Jacket Replacement parts

Life Jacket Replacement parts

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UML Mk5i Auto Head, UML Micro Manual Head, UML Pro-Sensor Elite Auto Head – D-Post, UML Pro-Sensor Elite Auto Head – O-Post, HR Alpha Auto Head, HR Manual Head, Hammar Manual Head, Hammar Auto Head

Our Advise

Unless you are knowledgable about life jackets, we recommend that you send your life jacket to us to be re-armed and re-packed. We service a huge amount of life jackets each year and we see a large amount of incorrectly packed or incorrectly ‘loaded’ life jackets which render them useless.

Life Jackets must be serviced annually. If the life jacket has been serviced by SeaSafe in the previous year we will not charge for the Re-Arm and Re-Pack process; We only charge for replacement parts and carriage. If the life jacket has not been recently serviced we will perform a service at our standard charge of £10.79+ VAT.

If you drop your jackets off at a SeaSafe Service Point the carriage is completely free for all leisure customers! This is the safest, simplest and hassle-free way of re-arming (or servicing) your life jackets.

8 reviews for Life Jacket Replacement Heads

  1. Glenn Wouters (verified owner)

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  2. Keith (verified owner)

    Parts yet to be fitted, but looks very straightforward.

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  3. John Kelso (verified owner)

    Good quality fits perfectly

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  4. Duncan Bruce Davidson (verified owner)

    replaced crewsaver older style

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to fit replacement

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  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not tested yet but seems to fit properly

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  7. Alvaro Bidone (verified owner)

    It is good

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    Review for Life Jacket Replacement Heads
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