Lifejackets Dry Bag Set w/ 4pcs 70991 (100N)


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“This simple and easy to use Lifejackets’ Dry-bag by Lalizas, stands out as the most intelligent and waterproof storage solution for all the necessary safety equipment of your boat. Made of durable transparent material, without any unnecessary seams, it meets the minimum space consumption requirements, and offers the ability of immediate use in case of an emergency or a boat inspection. It is specially designed for storing foam lifejackets of 100N or 150N, while at the same time can secure all hand and smoke signals required by regulations, in the available space between the lifejackets’ neck grooves.
Available in 3 sizes, as well as 2 sets of a Dry Bag and 4 or 6 foam lifejackets (100N) respectively.”

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