Baltic Baby & Child Foam LifeJackets with Harness


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Ocean 100N Lifejacket is a lifejacket is designed to aid the wearer to turn onto the safe back position and support the head so that the airways are above the water.

A lifejacket for children and juniors with integrated CE approved safety harness with a stainless steel D-ring front and back for lifeline attachment. Size 3-15 kg has D-ring only at the back. Fitted with whistle, retro-reflective patches and crutch strap. The smallest size is equipped with grab handle behind the collar, beaver tail crutch strap and twin fastening points for the best possible fit.

This therefore makes it the obvious choice for all non-swimmers.

The collar of the vest has nothing to do with the actual turning but helps to support the head so that the airways are above the water.

Baby: 3 – 15 Kg / Up to 50 cm – 43N
Child: 15 – 30Kg / 46 to 69 cm – 55N
Junior: 40 – 50 Kg / 67 to 87 cm – 80N

  •  Integrated safety harness with D-ring for attaching a lifeline.
  •  Robust and durable model.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Baby / 3kg-10kg / up to 50 cm Chest / 43N, Child / 15kg-30kg / 46-69 cm Chest / 55N, Junior / 40kg-50kg / 67-87 cm Chest / 80N


Outer Cover.

Fabric                  4 OZ knitted polyester.

Colour                 High visibility Yellow.           


Waist Belt           40 mm polyester with adjustable stainless steel buckle.

Front Zip             Robust non-corrosive nylon.

Bottom Tie         6 mm polypropylene webbing.

Top Tie                6 mm polypropylene webbing.

Crutch Strap       25 mm polypropylene webbing.

General specification.

 Floatation           Inherent buoyancy in front panels, collar and rear shoulders.

 Fittings                SOLAS Approved non clog whistle.

SOLAS Approved Retro- reflective patches on the collar.


The lifejacket should be stored in a dry and well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Service Inspection.

At least annually the buckles, closures and outer cover should be inspected damage.

Service life expectation 10 Years.

Maintenance and Care.

Do not use as a cushion.

After use the lifejacket should be rinsed in fresh water and dried and stored in a well ventilated area away for naked flame or hot radiators etc. Hand washing can be performed using warm water and non- biological soap powder and dried afterward as above.


The lifejacket is supplied in an individual polythene printed bag.

Safety Data.

The Foam and cover material are fire retardant and there are no other known transport or safety hazards.